Friday, 9 January 2015

Exchange variables in swift with an operator

Aim is to create an operator <-> to exchange two variables. The two variables can be of any type, but they should be of the same type (Obviously!).

We start by declaring an infix operator <->
infix operator <-> {}

Now we provide a definition for the operator using a generic function.
func <-><T>(inout a: T, inout b: T) {
  swap(&a, &b)

That’s it!

The following swift powers have been tested in the snippet above
1. Custom operators
2. In-out variables
3. Generic functions

We can test the operator like:

var a = 2, b = 4
a                            2
b                            4
a                            4
b                            2

var ab = "a", ba = "b"
ab                            a
ba                            b
ab                            b
ba                            a

Do notice that the operands of the operator <-> should be declared variable (var) for the exchange to work.

Edit: From +Rogier Pinkers's comment, the implementation for the operator has been changed with the inbuilt function to exchange two variables. Thanks +Rogier Pinkers!