Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Vim configuration

To change your vim configuration, change ~/.vimrc .
Here are the contents of my ~/.vimrc :

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sync any application managed folder to your cloud storage

Applications for services like Dropbox and Box allow you to have a local folder that they sync with your cloud regularly.
For example for Dropbox on my computer it is :

Recently I wanted to sync all the music managed by iTunes on my mac to my dropbox folder. iTunes keeps all my music in the folder :

Now the problem was that if I copied my Music/ folder to Dropbox/ folder

  • It would have taken up double space on my disk 
  • Any new additions or deletions to my music library would not reflect to my cloud storage automatically. I would have to explicitly copy all changes to Dropbox/ folder.
The solution lies in symlinks. Read more on Wikipedia about symlinks here. 
In short, symlinks are like pointers to a file. They just point, and thus solve both of the above problems. They only take the space required by the symlink itself and no extra file storage is used. Also, any new changed to linked folder are reflected by the link too.

So to create a link to the Music/ folder in Dropbox/ folder all I do is execute the following statement in my terminal :