Sunday, 10 March 2013

Apps on my iPhone

Yes, I do have an iPhone. Being an iOS developer, this is one of the good things that happens to you :D

So my App list goes like:

  • Twitter - This is a kind of must have app if you are a twitter user. The simplicity of the app just takes you over. Though I would like if I had an easier option to got my lists. It's a nightmare right now.
  • Facebook - Again, If you are a Facebook user. It makes life simple, I don't have to open a tab on my browser. Just look into the private small screen. :)
  • Facebook Messenger - Chatting made easy.! Also, since I use group chats a lot on Facebook, it is quite a help.
  • Instagram - Check out photos from some of the greatest photographers around the world. Not much of a photographer myself, so I seldom use it for my own stuff.
  • Path - Wanted to see the awesome UI people talk about. Was really happy to see all my different Facebook statuses from past as I synced it with Facebook. But since not many of my friends use it, it kind of remains in the background now.
  • Skype - The best way to have chit chats with friends all around. I love to do phone calls via it. The UI is cool, and Microsoft buying it has made no difference to it's quality (made it subtly better I think).
  • LinkedIn - I am no headhunter, so the only work I have with linkedIn right now is to answer mails I get there; and believe me, the app is great for it.
  • Quora - First thing first, if you aren't using this product, start for your OWN sake. Never seen such a great community; and the answers you get there, are simply awesome. For the app, it's like a past time. When having snacks at office, I pick up my phone go to the cafeteria and start reading from it. Never used the app for answering myself, as writing is always better on a computer.
  • Pocket - This is like a life saver. I use it as an offline reading list. Just put any page from your computer or your iPhone (many apps support it including Flipboard) to Pocket and it handles the rest. Minimal UI, renders pages for reading awesomely and makes them offline so that you don't have to worry about the data connection anytime).
  • Flipboard - This is your RSS feeder, with a better UI, more intelligence and integrated twitter, pocket, Facebook, etc. Keeping up to date was never easy. And one good feature, you can put up your custom lists of Twitter as a new board altogether (Very difficult on Twitter's default app).
  • IMDb - Movies - my love. And this app is what I needed.! I tend to forget the movie names, and due to that I was re-watching many movies. Now I rate them and mark them as seen. Also, having a watch-list really helps. One more thing, all my ratings are going on twitter from now on. :)
  • Foursquare - The initial tussle to become mayor ended pretty soon, and now it is occasionally opened to check where have the friends been lately (and I tell you, it is the most boring thing).
  • EX Skater - Nice game, got addicted to it and finished it. #FTW
  • Bubble Bust! - Good game, not being able to finish it. :(
  • Letterpress - This is a very nice game. Only problem is, people leave games when they see themselves losing.
  • Temple Run - The nicest time pass i have.!
  • Saturn - This app makes me feel the wonder iPhone is.! I mean try and rotate that time wheel and the whole universe starts moving accordingly. It's simply amazing.!
  • WordWeb - The one thing that I really like with this app is, reading random words at times.
  • Wikitude - Augmented reality anyone? Though i don't see much use of it, but it is nice to flaunt how you get info about some place via the camera itself.
  • SoundHound - Sitting in a bar/cafe, and wondering about the song that is being played? This app will help you. Shazam is another option if you'd like.
  • Heart Rate - Keep a tick on what is going on inside there, after I have had a jogging session.
  • Google Maps - This is another life saver. Can't go nowhere without it. And the navigation thing is truly awesome.! Local notifications for turns and all. I just LOVE it.
  • Chrome - Another wonder from google. But I prefer Safari as my default browser. :P
  • Youtube - No explanation required I believe.
  • Google - Not used much; the website is good enough.
  • Snapseed - Ever felt that tinge of adding a little brightness or contrast to the picture you just clicked. This app is going to help you exactly that, actually a lot more. It's like a one stop shop for all the image editing you want. The UX is awesome and I never thought I would be editing photos on my mobile! (Google's acquisition has not had much effect on it, as I feel)
  • Chihuly - Getting bored? Create something. But beware, blowing air in your phone doesn't "feel" right in a public place. :D
  • Make a meme - Whenever I am in a mood of pissing some friend. Believe me, nothing expresses sarcasm better than meme's. (I had some other similar ones, but they were bombarded with ads and making memes was a pain)
  • Adobe Reader - I still don't know why i got it! I read all the stuff either on pocket or my kindle. 
  • PivotalTracker - Track allotment of work. Not at all a good app, but requirement from the job front makes me have it.
  • Hike - The most stupidest app I have. Many buttons don't work. It does not do what I want it to do. The only small thing I did to ruin my experience was not allow it to access my contacts. :/
  • - For this one, I allowed it to access my contacts, and it works like a charm. Mixed up my google account, and now gtalk is the way to go.

I had some other apps too, but when writing this, I realised that I didn't use those apps at all. They ended up getting removed.. :D
P.S. I don't use paid apps yet, so don't have any!