Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sample Twitter app for iOS

I recently created a project on github to learn iOS development. The app uses Twitter API to get your feeds and data.

One thing you can see in it is that it is designed for iOS 6.0 (iPhone 5). There are many good features added to iOS 6.0 that makes the development pretty much easier and you don't have to use third party modules to get your work done.

The link to the project is :

Some things to look for in the project:
  1. Using twitter credentials from iOS itself. (docs)
  2. JSON serialisation provided by apple itself. (docs)
  3. Pull to refresh control. (docs)
  4. Loading images asynchronously without use of any third party modules. 
  5. Storyboards!
  6. Using NSCache. (docs)
  7. etc.